Portfolio in brief

Solutions-driven developer with a record of commended performance in object-oriented programming. Well-versed in all phases of the software development lifecycle, with a strong working knowledge of algorithms and data structures. Proven success engineering customized solutions improving business processes with agile software development strategies and a big emphasis on tests and collaborative work.

I was part of the cuban startup Isladentro. While i lived in Havana, Cuba I worked in the Distributed Systems and Artificial Intelligence Departament at the University of Havana. Moreover, also as a member of the network administration team at UH Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

I have worked as a freelance developer since 2012, involved in development teams at Isladentro, CBGrafica, OpenJAF, CubaISM, and Vistar Magazine. As part of these teams, I built many applications in the range of an API to hold magazine issues, a WPF app to display a geolocalized catalog of businesses, a visual builder to create interactive magazine pages and it's parser into native iOS controls and a set of OpenSource gems to extend spree commerce functionalities named spree_travel.

From 2015 to 2016 I was part of the team at VAIRIX Software Development as a Ruby on Rails, full-stack web developer. My experience there ranged among various clients in different domains and technologies stacks, like e-commerce, social networks, infrastructure management, among others.

In the year 2016, I moved to Hollywood FL and started working as the Lead Engineer at Line5, a company offering finance for vehicle protections and warranties. I have been in charge of a fantastic team of 6 developers using a tech stack based on a large Ruby on Rails application with React in parts of the frontend and a separate JRuby and Sinatra app. We built many integrations with third-party services and API's, like a payment processor, communications to the warranty and protection providers, menu systems used in the car industry and credit bureaus.

I currently live in Hollywood, FL, USA