Useful utilities

A strict type system doesn’t mean inflexible. We can bend it to meet our needs with the utilities that ship with TypeScript. Via thoughtbot blog

TypeScript: Stop Using 'any', There's a Type For That

Chances are you’ve worked with the any type in TypeScript. It’s widely overused, and subtly dangerous. Let’s explore why you should avoid it, and when you might truly need to use it. Via thoughtbot blog

Going through changes with TypeScript

When we inevitably make changes to our codebase, any help is appreciated, and a type system can be your best friend. Via thoughtbot blog

The case for Discriminated Union Types with Typescript

Why Discriminated Union Types are an important part of modeling solutions with TypeScript. Via thoughtbot blog

TDDing in React with Apollo and TypeScript

Pointers for doing TDD with React using Apollo and TypeScript. Via thoughtbot blog