My name is Alejandro Dustet Mederos, and this is my website. I am lucky enough to have found what I like doing early on in my career. Software makes for an essential part in my life, and I would love to share what I unravel about it more often through this medium. Always looking to learn, and trying to put out there all my experience so I can help others just like so many others helped me. I do not have strong opinions, but I do have my ideas, and I believe it is essential to listen to each person point of view. I do not think there’s a perfect solution, but I do believe in finding the best one given the requirements, also for me the best validation of an idea is having someone external, but looking for a solution to the problem in question poking around. So what can be a better way to validate your ideas than putting them in the open.

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I want to thank Hossain Mohd. Faysal for creating an awesome template for jekyll.